Glass Railing Installation

Open up your living space with a glass railing for a clean, modern look with limited distractions. For outstanding glass installation services, trust none other than Glass Suppliers in Regina, SK. We install glass for interior and exterior railings.

Interior Railings
Add a touch of elegance to your staircase with glass railings. The glass will make your interior look stylish and spacious.

Exterior Railings
Glass railings allow you to have a full view of your outdoor space. You can maintain your privacy with tinted glass.

Customizable Options

Our options for tempered glass are 6 mm and 10 mm in thickness. We have clear and tinted glass, but you can also choose from select patterns.

There are various ways to install railings, and each method gives a different look. We can use clips, fit glass directly into the railing grooves, or use bolt-like fittings for stand-off styles. If you want to use clips, we can custom order them to match your interior design.

staircase with brown railing
Railing from above

Boost your home’s aesthetic appeal with new glass railings.
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